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Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics

Our Natural Skin Care Philosophy

Natural Can Be Fun Too

At MBeze® (pronounced embeez), we create effective, natural skin care products, but we like them with a lot of style and personality!  We feel that going natural doesn’t mean you have to go bland and boring.  As well as promoting better physical health, we encourage you to express yourself, be aware of your consuming habits and just be you.

Safer, Cleaner Skin Care

We’ve taken careful consideration in choosing natural and organic ingredients that are known for their natural ability to nourish skin, combat odor and wetness, etc.  We continue to monitor and collect data on all of our products and ingredients to ensure safety and that the highest possible standard of quality is met.  All of our products are free of parabens, aluminum, propylene glycol, and phthalates.  Your comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

No Animal Testing

One reason MBeze Founder, Mary Beth Worzella, switched to natural skin care is because she strongly feels cosmetics should never be tested on animals.  Human volunteers graciously offered their time to test for effectiveness and possible adverse reactions to our products in their everyday lives and activities.  You can't get better feedback and results than that!

Less Waste

All MBeze products are blended and poured by hand in small batches to ensure freshness and avoid waste that can result from over-production.  We use packaging that is recyclable and less wasteful.  Small paper tags are used instead of boxes to display product information.  All packaging used for shipping is made of cardboard and paper and is therefore recyclable and re-usable.  Please be considerate of the environment when disposing of your finished product containers and packaging.

Made in the USA

All of our skin care products are hand crafted in the USA.  Some of our products containers are imported.

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